Why Mass Flow Meter better solution over Variable Area Flow Meter?

Jul 31, 2017 10:36:15 AM / by Ch'ng, Eng Loon

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Comparison between Variable Area Flow Meter and Mass Flow Meter often compare of Volumetric Flow and Mass Flow Measurements.

Benefits Mass Flow Over Volumetric Flow Measurements

  • Widest Turndown Ratio, Fast Response Time, High Accuracy and also High Repeatability.
  • Mass Flow Rate independence to pressure and temperature changes.
  • Pressure and temperature compensation does not require with direct mass flow measurement hence improve the cost effectiveness of gas flow measurement.

VA-Flow Meter Vs Mass Flow Meter

Industrial flow measurements applications often require a higher accuracy together with pressure and temperature compensation which not possible to achieved with conventional Variable Area Flow Meters.

Hence Variable Area Flow Meters are extremely sensitive to pressure and temperature changes. While 1 Bar pressure changes can generate an error of 50% in gas flow measurements. Therefore the flow compensation of Mass Flow Meters generates repeatability.

Common Variable Area Flow Meter flow measurement possible only with Vertical Installation, however, modern Digital Mass Flow Meters provide installations flexibility both horizontally and vertically. For pass Variable Area Flow Meters having great advantages of no power supply require, however with new innovation, now Mass Flow Meter with AA Battery Powered available without compromise of measurement accuracy.

Why are VA Flow Meter less suitable for some process?

VA Flow meters have no output signal hence it not suitable for automatization of automation process. They are highly sensitive to changes of pressure and temperature, a small change could creates a relative big error in the indicated mass flow. This uncertainty creates non-repeatability in automation process. Mass Flow Controller’s measure true mass, independent of pressure and temperature, constantly providing a predefined mass flow.

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